Ah, the summer time — the ideal time to unwind, kick back, and relax. Some like to catch up on their library of books on the beach or poolside. Others like to go out on scenic adventures to marvel at the wonders that nature has to offer. Then, there’s us, the people who don’t know what sunlight is and have been waiting to separate ourselves from the rest of immediate society to huddle together with our numerous “friends” via text and headsets and literally game the day — and sometimes night — away.

Yes, this would be the ideal time to be a gamer if, you know, there were some actual games to play. What you’re probably thinking right now is “What on earth is this fool talking about? I got my shiny new [insert console name here] right here! All I have is games upon more games!” Unless you own a Wii U, you really shouldn’t be thinking that way because, let’s face it, almost everyone else is basically starving for a good game or two right about now.

Now, don’t get me wrong here: both the PS4 and the Xbox One have built a pretty solid library in the near nine months that they’ve been out on the market, but is it really that expansive? The truth is that the “next-gen” titles that everyone is losing their minds over aren’t here yet. You’re correct if you’re thinking, “What?! But what are you talking about?! We just had E3! All we saw was games!” We did just have E3; (almost) everyone had a really good conference and showed off quite a few intriguing titles, but if there’s one thing that I noticed about this year’s presentation is simply this: it was essentially one big trailer for 2015.

I want you to go watch just a handful of game trailers from this year’s E3. It can be a mixture of titles from the different camps or even from one or two; it doesn’t matter. I want you to go and watch those trailers — or even just skip to the end — and I want you to count how many times you see “2015” appear. Somewhere between 80-90% of the games that were shown off at this year’s E3, while awesome in their own special way, all have one common thread running through them all: they aren’t ready yet.

E3 was actually pretty historic this year, believe it or not. This is the first time in nearly a decade that all three next-gen consoles were at the event in their full form since they hit market. This was where the next generation was really supposed to begin, but it only solidified a truth that has been ominously hovering above the game world for quite some time now: it’s going to take a while before we really are allowed to experience the full eighth generation of gaming.

To be honest, the industry’s current offerings aren’t necessarily bad; it’s just that it really is more of the same. Annual names such as Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Madden, and FIFA are all here and accounted for. The PS3 and 360 are still receiving almost every title that their successors are. Honestly, outside of the indie crowd, the only camp that has been delivering next-gen experiences on a regular basis is Nintendo. Everyone else is contending with “remasters” and cross-generation ports. The true “new” experiences are still locked away behind the black veil that is 2015.

What’s a gamer to do until then? Simply do what you do best — have fun and play. The next generation will be here soon.

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