I play Hearthstone a lot, ever since it started expanding its closed Beta phase in late 2013. I play for tens of hours every month. It’s, at this point, the game that takes up the most of my time. And, I’m not too bad at it either. I’ve consistently ranked over rank 5 for as long as I can remember. Over time, I’ve seen Hearthstone improve playability on PC and launch on mobile (where I would play it a lot more if it didn’t eat up so much of my phone’s storage.)

But one question has always plagued me: why is Hearthstone limited to PC and mobile?

The game would play fine on consoles. The reason I know this? Because I’ve used a controller to play Hearthstone too.

See, I find couch gaming to be significantly more comfortable and relaxing compared to sitting on a stiff chair – not everyone has the money for a thousand dollar chair. And for a while I was moving around my gaming station in pursuit of this ultimate PC couch gaming experience. During this time, the need arose for me to find a way to switch through movies and shows without having to use a Keyboard/Mouse. And so, I found a program called “Gopher” that allowed me to use an Xbox 360 controller in place of a mouse. Naturally, I was amazed and satisfied and wondered what else I could use this new discovery for.

And so my mind went to the game the game that I always play for a couple hours a day in front of a PC screen sitting atop a cold, hard, uncomfortable chair: Hearthstone.

So, I used Gopher to help me play Hearthstone while lounging comfortably on my couch. It was brilliant. And it worked so perfectly well. But, you know what would be better? Having it on my PS4.

With Overwatch being such a massive success on console alongside Diablo III, Blizzard is no longer a stranger to the landscape. Blizzard isn’t the PC only company that it was a few years ago, so why not bring Hearthstone across the figurative pond as well? Sure, there are games that Blizzard cannot justify releasing on console without full reworks, like Starcraft or Heroes of the Storm 2.0. But Hearthstone would fit right in. Despite the free-to-play model being something that has yet to have been explored thoroughly in the console market, it stands to reason that having such a giant IP backing the model on console could, itself, break the traditional mold.

Especially now that the Switch has finally launched and has been received by open arms, a large part of the gaming community has a tablet with multi touch functionality that could easily host Blizzard’s CCG.

Furthermore, with the Dualshock 4’s touch-pad and gyro support, Hearthstone could have some interesting design and functionality advantages that could make the game relatively easy and accessible for PlayStation gamers. Imagine using the PS4 controller as a pseudo-move wand and playing Hearthstone with it thanks to its gyro functionality. It would be awesome.

I think that the console market is definitely something that Blizzard should consider attempting to further their stronghold in especially considering the upcoming updates that Hearthstone will soon be receiving and the new year of the Mammoth standard rotation. Now’s a great time for players of all skill levels to take a seat in the tavern, so having the game be accessible on more than just PC and mobile would be awesome.

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