The Music Thread

Discussion in 'PSE Community Lounge' started by Ksquall1, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Ksquall1

    Ksquall1 Administrator Staff Member

    So, I'm in the mood to listen to some music. I'm usually interested in what anyone else may listen to though. As for me, I enjoy all types of music. Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Alternative, and more. Of course, video game music is something I listen to a lot as well.

    What music are you listening to?
  2. super_nova17

    super_nova17 New Member

    I actually recently just downloaded both the Destiny and Dying Light OST.
  3. Ksquall1

    Ksquall1 Administrator Staff Member

    I haven't played Destiny, but I heard that it's soundtrack is great. I'll have to give the OST a listen one day soon.

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