The season of E3 brings a lot of strange things to light. Whether that be leaks concerning Far Cry 5, or insight into the things that will be shown on the expo floor—there’s no shortage of news and speculation. A video has surfaced showcasing something that looks an awful lot like a Nintendo Switch but with PlayStation branded hardware. The concept comes from, providing their own thoughts on what could make a PlayStation console worthwhile. I do like the fact that it looks a bit more fleshed out than most teaser hardware, something that most theorizers do not take into account.

This mode would then again allow for the tablet to be removed – just like with the Switch – and specific purpose-built models of the Sony Dualshock controllers could be magnetically attached to the sides. In order to work, the centre would have to be removed from the touchpad. The controllers’ functions resemble these of Sony’s regular Dualshock controllers.

Games would run via an internal battery and with a lower frame rate, when played on the road. USB ports on the back of the device not only allow for the controllers to be recharged, but can also supply the gadget with energy with attached rechargeable battery packs. Furthermore the performance wouldn’t be compromised by the user switching to the handheld mode and detaching the display from the remains of the console, for the actual computing takes place in the compact casing – image content would be simply be streamed onto the display. —

Would you buy a Switch type PlayStation console?

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