We are getting closer to June and that means that rumors are “blooming”, just as flowers are in the Spring. Today’s rumor comes from Ninja Theory, developers of last gen’s PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword and the very controversial DmC: Devil May Cry.

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In an interview with Game Informer, Tameem Antoniades (Creative Director of Ninja Theory) was asked about the future projects of the company, he mentioned that they have 4 games in the works. The possibility that one of those projects could be a new DmC game is very high.

We did have comments earlier this year from the director of the franchise that hinted about that, plus with Capcom’s new initiative of bringing their older and more beloved IPs back, a new entry for the Devil May Cry (or DmC) franchise doesn’t sound too crazy.

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But this is just a rumor and speculation, so lets wait until E3

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