2016 has come and gone, but the beautiful trainwreck that was No Man’s Sky is still relatively fresh in the minds of a lot of gamers. Due to its massive amount of hype, the poor state that it released in was lambasted across the board. Despite the record-breaking amount of negative feedback that the game received, its studio, Hello Games, has not given up. The team has been continously working on the title since release and have since pushed out two major updates (Foundation and Pathfinder) which have vastly improved the game.

While it’s commendable that the team has stuck to their guns and have continued to work on the game despite the terrible press, this most surely has been a very painful learning experience for them. Hello Games had two core team members leave the studio after the project was complete (Harry Denholm and Gareth Bourn). This has left a few vacant positions, and the studio is trying to fill them.

Hello Games recently updated the Jobs section of its page with ‘Vacant Positions’. The team is looking for a Technical Director, an Experienced Programmer and a Graduate Programmer. The job descriptions and qualifications are all listed there, so go check it out if you’re interested.

Written by Hektor Apostolopoulos

When Hektor isn’t playing something on his video game consoles, he probably listens to his favorite music. He prefers to spend his money on classic games and rare music albums instead of spending it on alcohol and strippers. If his wallet wants a break from this expensive hobby, he watches his favorite two soccer teams on TV. He thinks that Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy VII and Half-Life 2 are the greatest games of ALL time.

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