Minecraft fans from across the internet were overjoyed to discover a new tweet from @Minecraft earlier today, all but confirming Minecraft crossplay on consoles by specifically mentioning crossplay between “competing platforms” and posting this image:


However, that joy gave way to crushing disappointment when the tweet in question wasdeleted and replaced with this one, the latter tweet being much more careful in its wording and featuring no Dualshock 4 controller in its image.

Speculation is rampant across the internet that Sony is once again responsible for blocking efforts to allow crossplay between consoles, given their past history putting Rocket League crossplay in limbo and nixing Bethesda mods on PS4 – though it is more than likely a simple oversight by @Minecraft.

To have the possibility of playing Minecraft with my Xbox One-owning friends dangled so tantalizingly close only to have it snatched away is a definite punch in the gut, as I’m sure it is for many fans… But we can only hope that Sony gives the green light to such plans in the future, for the sake of console Minecraft fans everywhere!

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