New Titanfall 2 figures by McFarlane Toys were recently revealed, and they continue the manufacture’s “unparallel detail” to craftsmanship.

Announced by IGN, the new Titanfall 2 figures offer a closer look at two characters from the upcoming game. Both of the 7-inch figures are individually priced at $19.99 and will ship next year.

Titanfall 2 Toys

Blisk, described as “a former special-ops commander for the IMC,” features multiple points of articulation, a G2A2 Assault Rifle, a Mozambique sidearm, and a display base to show it all off.

Titanfall 2 Toys

The second character named Jester is actually a newcomer to the Titanfall series. Jester is characterized as a robotic bounty hunter who was programmed to believe he’s the original IMC operative that his AI is based on. Much like the Blisk figure, Jester features multiple points of articulation, a 2A2 Assault Rifle, an SA3 Sidearm Pistol, and a display base.

Titanfall 2 is scheduled for a North American release date of October 28 for the PlayStation 4. This will mark the series first release on the PS4, as the first game was sold as a Microsoft exclusive.

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