Things are looking grim for the PS Vita release of Road Not Taken, according to developer Spry Fox.

In an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, a user mentioned there were confusion on whether Road Not Taken, currently available as August’s free PlayStation Plus game for the PS4, was a cross-buy title for the PS Vita. Spry Fox co-founder David Edery, also known as Chedd, explained the situation.

The Vita version of the game has been severely delayed by technical issues, so we haven’t made any decisions about cross-buy yet. Honestly, at this point I’m just hoping we can still release the Vita version; there’s some thorny issues there and it doesn’t help that we rely on a middleware partner that midway through our Vita development announced they were ceasing ongoing development work for Vita. 🙁

Disappointing news for those hoping to play the indie game on the go, although, Road Not Taken reportedly plays flawlessly on the PS Vita through remote play with the PS4.

Another question asked by a Reddit user was how Spry Fox were able to get its game as a PlayStation Plus title. Edery said Sony approached the company about making Road Not Taken available on its subscription service, but couldn’t get any more detailed than that for legal reasons. When asked how it was like developing for Sony, Edery answered the people there were “pretty friendly and helpful.” If a criticism were to be given, Edery said Sony hasn’t consolidated its operations, treating its regional divisions differently, leading to multiple and repetitive paperwork to file. However, Sony seems to be aware of the problem and is trying to fix things.

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