Those of you who have been following the indie release, Slain, will know it didn’t exactly get the positive launch everyone hoped for. Thankfully due to plenty of feedback from the PC community, the developers have managed to re-release the game in a much better place than before. They have today announced that Slain: Back from Hell has been released on PS4 with the promise of a Vita and a XboxOne release on the horizon too.

Check out the statement from earlier today:

Due to all the support from the PC community we managed to rescue Slain, turn it into what you now know to be Slain: Back from Hell, port it and ship it on PS4 today (in the US, EU tomorrow). Obviously this is a PC community but we just wanted to say another massive thanks to everyone, customers old and new, for the feedback and support and for sticking through the more ‘difficult’ parts of post launch and helping us get to here, we could not have done it without all the incredible help from you guys. Word to the Great Horned Metal God

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US Sony Blog Post –

EU Sony Blog Post –

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