New gameplay footage has been released for Star Wars Battlefront’s upcoming expansion Death Star, which will arrive today across all platforms and for people who own the Season Pass. For everyone else you will be able to play the expansion beginning on October 4.

The new mode, Battle Station, will be launched in this new expansion. Players will participate in a three-stage battle, beginning with a space battle and ending up inside the Death Star.

You will be also able to play with the game’s new hero characters Bossk and Chewbacca, with Bossk shooting micro-grenades and activate predatory instincts to see enemies. Chewbacca’s abilities include of course his famous multi-bolts, which increases his rate of fire, and a mighty roar, which provides some col buffs.

The season pass is currently $49.99 with each single expansion costing $14.99. You can take a look at the new trailer below.

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