Developer Jonathan Blow announced that The Witness will receive PS4 Pro enhancements when the system launches November 10.

The Witness already runs at 60fps on the base PS4, Blow has said that the upcoming Pro enhancements will be focused on visual quality, with options for both 4K and regular HD displays being available:

When using PS4 Pro with a 4K display: We will render at 1440p or possibly higher, all while keeping a consistent 60 frames per second. This image will then be upscaled to 4K, and we will draw text, menus, and other UI at native 4K resolution. (This is similar to what happens on the base PS4, where we render the 3D scene at 900p, then upscale to 1080p and draw UI at 1080p). We might be able to achieve resolutions higher than 1440p based on various engineering tradeoffs (for example, if we boost the resolution of the main scene to a greater degree than we boost the resolution of the reflections in water, which tend to be distorted anyway. Also, we’ll evaluate checkerboard rendering – we’re not sure if it’s the right way to go for this game, but we’ll see.) We’ll post again when we finalize these specs.

When using PS4 Pro with a display that is 1080p or lower: We will render the scene at 1080p (instead of the old 900p), and increase antialiasing quality from 2x to 4x MSAA, again while keeping a solid 60 frames per second. We are exploring additional visual quality increases, like increased streaming distance for high-resolution meshes, or decreasing the noticeability of the fade-in between faraway LODs and high-res close-up meshes. Again, we’ll post details when this is finalized!

HDR will also be supported on PS4 Pro and the base PS4, though Blow has admitted that he doesn’t know “the technical details of how it will work”.

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