Previously released on the PC and Xbox 360, Deadfall Adventures is set to hit the PS3 this summer, under the subtitle “Heart of Atlantis”. This particular version of the game is supposed to feature a whole bunch of new and exclusive content.

I suppose a bit of a background on the game would help get people up to speed. Deadfall Adventures stars James Lee Quatermain, the game’s quintessential treasure hunter archetype, with some talent for getting into trouble.

The game has guns.

The game has guns.

The big difference with this particular game, that sets it apart from AAA series like Uncharted and Tomb Raider, is that Deadfall Adventures is a FPS. It still contains puzzle elements, but platforming is not the focus here. This particular combination of elements is sure to appeal to PS3 owners looking for either their FPS fix, or a good treasure hunting, puzzle game. Watch out for Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis in the very near future.

Written by T Ross

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