The Tomorrow Children was recently announced at Gamescom 2014 and is being developed by Q Games (Pixel Junk series).

If you’ve only viewed the trailer above, then you can probably surmise that the game has something to do with Soviet Russia. What you probably don’t know is that an experiment to “meld” the minds of the global society into one conscious thought has failed. This skew in time has created a new world filled with monsters, known as the Izverg, and little human rebellion.

Now, a new society has surfaced approximately 90-years later, creating you the ‘projection clone.’ Jump into the realm known as ‘The Void‘ and release society as you see fit.
The gameplay itself promises mining of resources and unlockable abilities, all of which ties into the games general direction and mirroring of the timeline tangent. Players can use resources to build items “…such as gun turrets, light fixtures, cars and tanks.”

In essence, players will be demolishing the binds of the previous world and creating a new one in the eyes of the people. This is further blended as the games art direction seems to heavily draw from Soviet propaganda. Politics, much?

For example via the PlayStation.Blog:

You begin as a proletariat or normal citizen class. Every little thing you do garners recognition points that you can cash in at the labour office to earn coupons from the state. These ‘ration’ coupons can be cashed in for better abilities. For example, don’t want to line up anymore? Then get yourself the “Sharp Elbows” perk and push in like a bossy bourgeoisie!

It seems as though it will blend RTS elements with adventure and cooperative play. It is reminiscent of such titles as Toy Soldiers, being that you can venture on-foot and not stick with a solely top-down traditional view.

Stay tuned for more details as they arise from Gamescom 2014 and beyond.

Written by Gregory Bargas

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