Via their Twitter feed, Telltale Games have finally revealed the penultimate chapter of The Walking Dead Season 2 in an emotive and epic trailer. Episode 4 of the five part series will be called Amid the Ruins and will follow Clementine’s continued battle for survival. The trailer hints at some of the gut-wrenching decisions Clementine will have to face as loyalties are tested and new challenges arise. Kenny seems to be a broken man, Rebecca’s baby is only days away and is that a glimpse of Lee Everett at the end? Could this be Telltale’s most tense instalment in the season yet? It looks like it and many fans will be eager to get their hands on the next instalment.

Luckily they won’t have to wait too long, as along with the trailer, Telltale also revealed that the latest episode will be available as early as next week. North American PS3 and PS Vita  owners will be able to purchase the Episode 4: Amid the Ruins on July 22nd whilst European PlayStation platforms will have to wait until July 23rd.

Written by Matthew Cook

An avid gamer and writer, Matthew loves all games equally, big and small. As well as love for video games Matthew has a passion for film and is still waiting for a good video game film adaptation.

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