Usually, hype is something I try to stay away from as it usually gives us unreasonable expectations and ends up doing more damage to a game than good. However, when it comes to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I am finding it harder and harder to stop myself from being swept up with the hype. The trailers have been absolutely epic and the gameplay videos have shown a level of quality that is truly worthy of the new gen. As a long time Metal Gear Solid fan I can’t wait to experience the fall of Big Boss and see how it all connects to the Metal Gear cannon, and it seems I’m not the only one.

In this article published by Twinfinite and written by Pedro Urquia, you can read his thoughts on why The Phantom Pain could well be the PlayStation 4’s biggest game. This article talks about the varying facts about The Phantom Pain and the development behind it that are helping it to be great. From the fact that it could be Hideo’s last Metal Gear game to the stunning graphics delivered by the FOX engine. You can read the article right HERE.

Written by Thom Edwards

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