Bob Kane and Bill Finger created Batman in 1939, and 2014 makes him 75 years old. DC Universe Online is celebrating The Dark Knight by releasing a few videos all about his influence and his place in DCUO.

In this first video  “Building the Bat in DC Universe Online”, Executive Creative Director Jim Lee and other members of the development team discuss the trials and triumphs they experienced attempting to incorporate the Batman into the Online DC Universe. In “Adventures with the Bat in DC Universe Online”, the staff explain how Batman can act as a mentor and fight alongside players in-game, as they navigate his hometown of Gotham and interact with his supporting cast and villains. In the process, they discuss some favorite moments from the Batman mythos, and Bats’ driven psyche.

In the final video, “Future Batman in DC Universe Online”, the DCUO team talk about Future Batman, a new take on Batman unique to DCUO. Future Batman is the Bruce Wayne from the very future timeline players are fighting to prevent. You can see all videos here, DC Universe Online is a Free to Play game on PS4 and PS3.

Written by Jonas Washington

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