With an increase in the popularity of online strategy card games, it was inevitable that Ubisoft would bring their popular card series to consoles. Might & Magic: Duel of Champions: Forgotten Wars was released to today on the PS3. Boasting over 650 unique cards to collect, and at least a good hundred hours of gameplay, Ubisoft hasn’t pulled any punches in promoting their latest multi-player centric game. Fans of the Might and Magic franchise should feel right at home with this latest card game spin-off, as should fans of fantasy card games in general.

The base game is priced at $9.99, but includes optional add-ons to give players a temporary or permanent leg up. The enhanced matchmaking system should, however, ensure that players are fairly matched to at least some extent. PS3 gamers who have embraced the competitive card game trend are sure to enjoy Ubisoft’s latest, assuming you aren’t tuned off by the price of admission in a market flooded with F2P card games.

Written by T Ross

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