In an interview with, Naughty Dog’s Community Strategist Arne Meyer revealed that Naughty Dog are looking at their options when it comes to a sequel to The Last of Us. Meyer even went as far as to say that not looking into a sequel “would be a disservice to ourselves and our fans”.

“I think we always make a smart decision in that all of our games are self-contained stories so they don’t have to continue if we don’t want them to or if there’s no reason for them to continue,” said Meyer while discussing ideas for a sequel. “It really comes down to is there something interesting in this universe we’ve created that we want to continue to explore? Is it something that we can get the entire team passionate about? Is it something we can get the creative directors excited about and then we could continue it?

“We’re just starting to explore ideas of what more could there be in this universe and starting that decision process. That doesn’t mean the end result is guaranteed.”

Of course, if a sequel does get released it will have to wait at least until Uncharted 4 is released since both the Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley are both current working on A Thief’s End.



Written by Thom Edwards

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