The original Toren announcement came with a trailer housing slight frame rate issues, details surrounding the storyline of the game, and a few screens. The newest trailer shows off some smoother environment interactions and more details about the dark adventure-puzzler.

First off, we get details as to what we can expect from the puzzles. With the introspective look at the development of the character over the course of the game, the puzzles will no doubt offer some non-traditional experiences, possibly providing the player with a deeper meaning rather than just solving the riddle at hand.

We also see some of the action sequences as Moonchild takes on a large, dragon-like creature while attempting to strike it with a glowing sword. When Moonchild strikes the beast, the sword gets thrust backwards, indicated something like defeating the creature might also come with puzzle mechanics rather than brute force.

Toren is being developed by Swordtales and published by Versus Evil. It is slated for release in Early 2015. Check out our first preview of the game here.

Written by Gregory Bargas

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