Once upon a time, Crash Bandicoot was exclusive to the Playstation brand, and the IP was owned by Naughty Dog, the studio currently known for the Uncharted franchise and The Last of Us. Of course, that eventually changed, and rather than explaining the eventual sale of the franchise, and its eventual decline, I’ll simply point to where Crash is now, and that is virtually non-existent in the modern videogame industry. We haven’t seen a new Crash game in quite some time, and most would say that it has been even longer since we have seen a good Crash game.

Fast forward to the present, and a Crash fan named Bradley O’Rourke, based in Banbury UK, started an online petition to bring the loveable bandicoot back home to Playstation, where many feel it belongs. The petition has managed to gain 810 signatures as of this point in time. However, a total of 10,000 are needed. That said, the petition appears to be off to a good start. Feel free to help it reach its goal by adding your signature.

Written by T Ross

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