Upon the release of Dark Souls 2 earlier this year, From Software were asked if a next gen version would see a release. At the time From Software said it was something they’d be interested in but had no real plans for it. It seems that given the re-release of games like The Last of Us, GTA V, and Tomb Raider on PS4 and Xbox One, From Software is planning to give Dark Souls 2 the next gen treatment, at least according to Tesco.

A PS4/Xbox One edition wouldn’t be the strangest thing to happen at this point and given the game’s great reception it could be very successful. We can only speculate at this point but here’s hoping it has some polished up graphics, DLC and maybe a few extras.

dar-soulss XBO

The listing gives sets the price at £55.00 and claims that the release date as 31st/12/13…wait, 13 as in 2013? Either there has been a mix up or Tesco are now in the business of time travel.

Your move, From Software.


Written by Thom Edwards

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