DLC for the PlayStation 4 release of The Last of Us is set to be released this Thursday, according to a post written by Naughty Dog’s community strategist Eric Monacelli.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Monacelli wrote: “We’ll be revealing some upcoming DLC and streaming a basic introduction to the multiplayer mode, Factions, live later this week over on our Twitch channel.

“We plan to show off the new features for PS4 as well as give our primer for those not familiar with the mode on Thursday, July 24th at 11:30 AM Pacific and 5:30 PM Pacific.”

It’s interesting to note that the DLC will be cross-buy between the PS3 and PS4, meaning it won’t be exclusive to the Remastered version. It has been confirmed that the DLC will be focused only on multiplayer and that there will not be anymore single player DLC.

Written by Thom Edwards

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