Naughty Dog have been known to create video game characters who have quite a resemblance to real life celebrities. Uncharted’s Nathan Drake has always looked very similar to Firefly actor Nathan Fillion and The Last of Us character Ellie was strikingly similar to actress Ellen Page. Whether these resemblances are intentional or coincidental is of little importance as long as the main game is good but the reveal trailer for Uncharted 4 has got some people wondering if Naughty Dog have something planned.

In this article published by PlayStationing and written by Gaf Hussain, you can read why he believes Naughty Dog have tweaked Drake’s look over the years and have finally got to a point where the character looks very similar to a certain famous actor. It’s no secret that an Uncharted movie has been on the cards for sometime, could it be possible that this actor is involved, or are we just grasping at straws? You can read Hussain’s article right HERE.

Written by Thom Edwards

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