For those gamers who were frustrated by the fact that Alien Isolation’s awesome DLC based on the original 1979 Alien was only available via pre-order, Sega have announced that the DLC will also be available to everyone post-launch.

In a statement on their Facebook page, Sega said, “It’s genuinely been great to see the reaction to The Crew Expendable and Last Survivor pre-order bonus content we announced yesterday and how excited you all are to re-experience those classic scenes from the original movie with our Alien.”

Consequently though, they have realised that this DLC will want to be played by everyone, not just those who pre-ordered. Therefore, they go on to say,  “some of you have been asking if the two pieces of content are only available through pre-order or if we’ll be releasing them at a later date as well. So, I can confirm today that we do plan to release both Crew Expendable and Last Survivor at a later date and we’ll have more details for you guys on that shortly.”

However, the details of when this content will be released and more importantly how much it will cost,  have yet to be announced. Hopefully, we’ll be updated soon as Alien: Isolation is set to be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on October 7th.

Source: Alien Isolation Facebook page




Written by Matthew Cook

An avid gamer and writer, Matthew loves all games equally, big and small. As well as love for video games Matthew has a passion for film and is still waiting for a good video game film adaptation.

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